PCA club racing
  1. Purpose: The purpose of the PCA National Championship Points System is to determine a PCA National Champion and a subsequent finishing order in each class for each calendar year.
  2. Eligible Drivers: Drivers must be PCA Club Racing License holders in good standing.
  3. General Points: All races where points are available will have the same basic structure for earning points. Only races with standard starting and scoring will be points scoring races. For example, handicap races or inverted grids will not be points scoring races. Any points scoring races must be open to all racers. That is any race that has special qualifications will not award points. (example - night race with extra experience requirement)
  4. Position Points: Position points will only be awarded for finishing positions in class. The overall finishing position within the group does not earn points. Points will be awarded in class for enduros in the same way as in sprint races. If two or more drivers share a car during an enduro, the total points earned by that car will be split equally among the drivers who drove it in that race.

    Points for in-class finishing position will be awared as follows:
    1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
    10 7 5 4 3 2 1
  5. Bonus Points: A racer will earn 1 bonus point for each car in class that finishes the race behind the car driven by that racer. Bonus points will be earned by all cars finishing the race except the car that finishes last in the class. Cars that do not finish the race (DNF) or are disqualified (DQ) do not count as cars beaten in the class. There will be a 10 point limit on bonus points available in any race. For example: The car that finishes 21st in a 22 car field where all 22 cars finish will earn 1 bonus point. In that same race the car that finishes first will earn 10 bonus points.
  6. Event Points: Each racer will earn 5 points for each event attended where the racer starts at least one scheduled race. The fun race does not count. To qualify as starting the racer must have passed the starter stand on the track after the green flag has been displayed to start the race. A late start after the field has started will count as a start if the racer passes the starter stand on the track. There will be a maximum of 25 points available for each year in this category.
  7. Championship Totals: The best 8 race points totals for each racer in all points scoring races for the year will count toward the National Championship. Ties for the first three positions will be broken by the highest total in the 9th race then 10th race etc.
  8. Points Races: Not all races in a race weekend will have points available. The final scheduled sprint race will have points awarded. If an enduro is offered, it will have points awarded. If an enduro is not offered, the penultimate scheduled sprint race will have points awarded. There will be two points races per class. For Example: Suppose a race event has three groups of races (red, green, yellow), and each of those groups have two sprint races and then the racers are regrouped and there are two enduro races (purple and pink run groups). In this scenario, the final sprint races for red, green, and yellow are the points scoring sprint races and both of the enduros are points scoring races. For purposes of figuring out which races are points races, the final schedule approved by the Steward prior to the beginning of the event will be used.
  9. Schedule Changes: If the event National Steward determines that the event schedule must be changed after it is posted as final for any reason (example - for weather or track issues), the Steward will announce which two races (if available) will be the points scoring races when the revised schedule is announced. The goal in that case will be for racers to stay for as much of the event as safely possible. The Stewards decision will be final.
  10. Review: Any driver who believes that points awarded in any race are inaccurate may request a review of the points awarded by written (or email) request to the National Chairman within thirty (30) days of the last day of the race in question. Said request shall provide all documentation and/or justification as to why the points awarded should be reviewed.
  11. 13-13 Sanction: A 13-13 sanction (probation or suspension) during the calendar year will cause the sanctioned driver to be ineligible for a National Championship. The driver will be dropped from the National Championship points totals.
  12. Race Cars: All Race Cars scoring points must be properly classed and have a current log book. Disqualification of the car due to performance related compliance issues will cause at a minimum a loss of all points that have been earned by that car while in a non compliant condition. For example disqualification of the car due to illegal engine modifications discovered after the last race will cause a loss of all points earned by that car from the weekend and possibly a 13-13 sanction. Disqualification based on the car being underweight by less than thirty pounds will cause a loss of points for the session immediately prior to the weighing. Disqualification caused by the car being thirty pounds or more underweight will cause a loss of all points earned that weekend prior to the disqualification.
  13. Zone Championships: In addition to the National Championship Points System, each PCA Zone will have a Zone Championship. Points will be totaled by Zone for each racer whose home region is in that Zone. Zone championships will include points scored in races outside of the Zone. Zone totals will include all races the drivers have run in or out of the zone. For example, a racer whose home region is in Zone 2 will earn points for the Zone Championship in Zone 2 from a race in which he/she has competed in Zone 5 during that championship year if it is among his/her best 8 point totals for that year.